Gamescom 23

25 AUG 23: Innopede @ Gamescom’23: A Look at the Latest and Greatest in Gaming

Innopede @ Gamescom’23: A Look at the Latest and Greatest in Gaming

Gamescom 23

25 AUGUST 2023Gamescom 2023, the world’s largest trade fair for computer and video games, is currently taking place in Cologne, Germany from August 23rd to 27th. The event featured over 1,200 exhibitors from all over the world, showcasing their latest games and hardware. More than 260,000 visitors are expected.

This year, Gamescom was officially opened by Minister of Trade and Commerce Robert Habeck, despite the announcement that the federal government is likely to cut state funding from €70 million to under €50 million next year. This news sparked a debate about the future of gaming industry in Germany.

Big Publishers

Gamescom Nintendo

Nintendo was one of the highlights, with a focus on its Switch console. The company showed off several new games, including “The Legend of Zelda: Tears of Kingdom”, “Pikmin 4”, and “Sonic Superstars” (planned release 17 Oct).

Bethesda Gamescom

Microsoft also had a strong presence at Gamescom, with a large booth for its Xbox console. The company showed off several new games, including “Ages of Empires 4” for Xbox. In one corner of the booth Bethesda Game Studios was presenting the highly anticipated “Starfield” (Release is on 6th of September – so we will soon find out if it will live up to expectations).

Other big publishers that were present at Gamescom included SEGA (“Endless Dungeon”, “Hyenas”), Ubisoft, Bandai Namco (“Tekken 8”). Even Netflix and Disney+ had their booths (e.g. Stranger Things, Witcher, Squid Game).


In addition to games, Gamescom also featured a large number of hardware exhibitors. Several companies showcased their latest gaming monitors, processors, laptops, and PC cases. EVA, a Belgian company that operates virtual arenas, also had an impressive booth, where attendees could try out games with VR glasses.

Indie Games

The real highlight at this year’s Gamescom was the indie game scene. Different countries (Spain, Poland, Turkey) and some German Federal States had extra booths to present their Independent Developers. Beside that many smaller companies and start-up presented their titles.

Question is why still lots of Indie games use pixel art? To give a retro touch?

Our highlight of the indie game scene was “Gift”, a game from developer Toydium about escaping from a sinking ship (…and water is rising). Not a completely new idea, but beautifully made – especially the artwork and graphics. Planned release is in 2024 – a Demo is already available on Steam. We are curious how the finished product will look like.


Gamescom 2023 was a great showcase for the latest and greatest in gaming. There were plenty of new and exciting titles on display – new ideas more in the Indie Game section.

Gamescom 2023

We believe that there is still a missed opportunity regarding casual gamers. There are many people who want to play games (and played them in their youth), but don’t have the time or energy to commit to long and complex game controls.

Where are the simple and short games that serve this audience?

We hope you enjoyed our look at Gamescom 2023!

Win a video game classic!

03 AUG 23: We celebrate! Win a signed video game classic!

We celebrate! Win a signed video game classic!
Innopede website and LinkedIn launch starts with a retro competition!

03 AUGUST 2023 / To celebrate the launch of our Innopede website and our LinkedIn page, we are going retro and giving away an original copy of the classic video game classic “Zeppelin: Giants of the Sky” (German IBM MS-DOS version) signed by the chief designer and programmer.

30 years ago today, the development of “Zeppelin – Giants of the Sky” was presented at the Computer’93 trade fair (now Gamescom). Among other things, Zeppelin was number 4 in the sales charts in Germany (Commodore Amiga) and received several hit reviews in the press (Power Play “The 100 best games of 1994”: 76%, ASM Magazin (3/1994): 11 out of 12 award: ASM Hit!, PC Joker (2/94): 81%, etc.)

To enter, all you have to do is:

  1. Follow our LinkedIn page.

In addition (not mandatory for the contest), you can:

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The winner will be informed on October 1st.

So what are you waiting for? Enter now and have a chance to win this classic video game!

Zeppelin: Giants of the Sky Gameplay (1994) IBM PC, MS-DOS

01 AUG 23: website and LinkedIn Page launched website and LinkedIn Page launched

01 AUGUST 2023 / Today we proudly launched our internet presence

At Innopede, everything is focused on innovation – not limited to any industry. We focus on innovation in computer games, media, technologies and services. We are always looking for new ways to help businesses innovate and stay ahead of the competition.
Get ready to be disrupted!

Where does the name Innopede come from?

The name Innopede is a combination of the words “innovation” and “millipede”. The millipede is a creature that is known for its ability to move quickly and efficiently. Combining these two words, Innopede is showing Innopede’s focus on innovation, speed and efficiency. “Innovation speed on 1000 feet”.

Look out for more information in the next months and an upcoming competition!

To learn more about Innopede, visit or connect with the company on LinkedIn.